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Uneven pigmentation or physiological condition may be among the foremost vexing of skin issues. Jeanine Downie, MD, a skin doctor in Montclair, New Jersey, shares her experience in handling blotchy skin — thus you don’t have to be compelled to see spots.


Everyday Health: Is there any thanks to forestalling spots and discoloration from forming within the 1st place?


Dr. Jeanine Downie: Use a cream with associate SPF of thirty or higher on your face, neck, and also the backs of your hands every single day — it’s imperative to stay discoloration cornered. Also, after you get skin infections like inflammatory disease or a bug bite, take care to not choose, pop or scratch the sores as a result of that may leave marks and boost discoloration.


EH: What square measures of the skin are a lot of doubtless to develop uneven pigmentation and why?


JD: There square measure 2 areas that almost all normally develop discoloration. the primary include elbows, knees, and beneath the arms, areas wherever there are tons |tons|plenty|heaps|loads|a great deal} of movement as a result of there is a lot of pressure from rubbing and friction, which may disturb the skin tone. The second space includes the face, neck, chest, and also the backs of the hands; these square measure way more vulnerable to discoloration as a result of the expertise the foremost exposure to the sun and sun injury — that causes sunspots and stained skin.


EH: square measure there any treatments or ingredients in skin merchandise that may cause discoloration to become worse?


JD: Any topical treatments that irritate your skin or cause associate aversion will cause discoloration to deterioratefor instance, some individuals have an associated allergic reaction to retinoids and hydroquinone (you’ll understand your skin is allergic as a result of it’ll feel tight or become red and itchy). And within the case of 1 of my patients, swing one thing as straightforward as juice on the skin will cause aggravation and build discoloration worse. Also, avoid scouring your skin with a loofah or pouf as a result of you’re essentially sandpapering the world and so exposing it to the sun, tantalizing a lot of injury to it vulnerable space.


EH: Why square measure some ladies vulnerable to discoloration in their armpits? What may be done to correct it?


JD: ladies with olive and dark skin tones, and Asian ladieswill get discoloration in their armpits, and frequently it’s due to friction and rubbing — the soreness motion will irritate. Also, lather and uninteresting blades will cause you to a lot of vulnerable to cuts and scrapes, which may leave the skin stained.


To correct the mattercheck that to vary your shaving blade each different day, or oftentimes (depending on the thickness of your hair), use an honest quality shaving gel to make some slip for the razor, and stretch your skin once shaving to form for a lot of even surfaces. For a lot of permanent choicesstrive optical device hair removal within the space.


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