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If you would like a sander, clearer complexion, Jessica Wu, M.D., an assistant clinical faculty member of medical specialty at USC grad school and a specialist in l. a. , encourages you to toss all six of those invigorating Feed Your Face foods into your grocery cart.




One in every of your skin’s best defenses, tomatoes contain a strong inhibitor known as a carotenoidwhereas studies haven’t nevertheless been entirely conclusive, several counsels that carotenoids could also be accountable for serving to shield the skin against sun injury.


Lycopene is best absorbed by the body once it’s been grilled or processed, therefore intake spaghetti saucefixings, and tomato ketchup is probably going to be simpler than simply intake raw tomatoes once attempting to safeguard your skin against harmful ultraviolet light rays. carotenoid is additionally fat-soluble, which suggests that it’s absorbed a lot of simply once consumed with fat, like eggs, avocado, and oil.



Red Meat


Sometimes it gets a foul rap, and even if pork will contain saturated fat and sterol, lean pork is one in every of Dr. Wu’s favorite Feed Your Face foods as a result of it’s therefore high in macromolecule and metallic element. Recent studies counsel that pork could also be even higher at treating skin problems than antibiotics.


To produce scleroprotein, your skin desires the amino acids glycine and amino acidand also the macromolecule in pork has the very best concentration of those 2 amino acids. The mineral metallic element is additionally crucial for scleroprotein production. “It’s an important compound,” says Dr. Wu. “Without enough metallic element, it’s troublesome for the skin to create scleroprotein. Plus, the metallic element may be a natural medicament.” And vegetarians oughtn’t to miss out. Dr. Chinese adds that prime concentrations of glycine may be found in foodthe amino acid in cheese and cabbage, and metallic elements in lentils, urinary organ beans, and raw oysters.


Green Tea


It’s no secret that tea leaf is AN inhibitor powerhouse. Its robust medicament and anti-aging effects square measure attributed to its high concentration of catechin compounds. Studies have shown that tea leaf is used each orally and locally to assist shield the skin from sunburns and UV-associated skin cancers. analysis conjointly suggests that drinking one cup of tea leaf doubly each day over six months may very well reverse sun injury and considerably improve any issues you’ve got with redness and broken capillary veins.


Green Beans


As long as we’re going inexperienced, let’s point out however these low-calorie beans will assist you to grow thicker hair and healthier nails. inexperienced beans square measure a star Feed Your Face food as a result of they’re one in every of the richest sources of semiconductor — to not be confused with siloxanethat is found in dangerous lip jobs and breast implants! The Department of Agriculture has not nevertheless established counseled daily intakes (RDIs) of semiconductorhoweverten mg per day appears to be adequate for strengthening hair and nails, per recent studies. Dr. Chinese recommends selecting organic inexperienced beans since they keep a lot of semiconductors from the soil. Don’t like inexperienced beans? you’ll be able to conjointly get your semiconductor fix from volcanic mineral waters like Volvic, which contains fourteen.5 mg per.


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