Secrets for Healthy, Shiny Hair

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When the hairdresser WHO has created an innovative and unforgettable appearance for Gwen Stefani and woman gaga shares his recommendation on what makes hair lovely, we listen. Danilo, a Pantene celebrity stylist, offers recommendations on instantly rising hair health and keeping your hair trying healthy, shiny, and crowd-pleasing.


Everyday Health: What makes hair look healthy?


Danilo: Pantene has done studies and caterpillar-tracked what’s most tasty to the human eye. What it comes right down to is that the old rule of animal attraction — animals area unit drawn to sensiblecolored feathers, fur, or hair. I decision this the womanimal quality. folks area unit reasonably a similar method — we have a tendency to wish to see shiny hair, and that we find it irresistible bouncy, and that we find it irresistible to feel sensible further.


Shine is Associate in Nursing particularly huge one — we’ve done eye following, and it appears to be the primary factor that the attention goes to. If your hair is boring and lackluster, it doesn’t look as tantalizing. Again, I’m going back to my “womanimal” kingdom — we tend to area unit greatly animals, and shine and bounce area unit picture hair qualities.


And, if you’ll create hair smell sensible, you’ve got it created.


EH: What misconceptions do one typically hear regarding what damages hair and what keeps it healthy?


Danilo: usually speaking, folks assume that not laundry their hair is sweet for the hair. however notably in a very town, or after you vogue your hair loadsyou actually ought to keep it clean. It’s higher for your hair, it’s higher for your scalp, and foundationally, it permits your hair to all over again provide you with the enduring 3 — the shine, bounce, and touchability. Those things all occur once the hair is clean and well cared for.


EH: If you often use heat tools, what are you able to do to limit injury to your hair?


Danilo: check that your tools area unit state of the art and area unit operative in a very manner that provides you faster drying time. seek ceramic, ionic, or infrared tools, that shorten the time that you’re heating your hair so that it dries in a very manner that’s healthier. It very pays to urge sensible tools.


Also, rather than employing a spherical brush, I like employing a mixed-bristle paddle brush once blow-drying. My favorite is that the Sonia Kashuk brush created with plastic and nylon bristles. What I notice folks do is yank on their hair with a spherical brush, and that they burn their hair as a result of they concentrate the dryer’s nozzle in one space.


I’ve been fiddling with a replacement brush by Infiniti by Conair. It’s a blow-dryer with a spherical brush that rotates in 2 directions. It’s a stimulating item for girls WHO wish to use a spherical brush, and it very offers you volume. thusI’m able to offer folks a very nice endhowever, it’s soft, and therefore the air is being emotional around in a very great waythus it’s less damaging.


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