Some Food Never Be Refrigerated

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Call American state weird, however, I hate golf shot away from the groceries. There’s ne’er any space within the icebox and that I currently apprehend why. I’ve been golf shot foods I don’t get to refrigerate in my already-crowded fridge!


Have a glance at the list below (I’m going home and putting off #3, #6, #7 and #9 immediately)!


  1. Honey


No got to place honey within the icebox, it’ll simply thicken and crystallize that is annoying to scoop out however dead fine. Honey is all-natural thus it stays sensible virtually indefinitely within the larder. A 1000-year-old jar of honey is as recent because the day it was placed into that jar.


  1. Avocados


Avocados mustn’t be cold till they’re ripe. Once ripe, you’ll place them within the icebox for every week. Best to stay avocados whole, not sliced, to avoid browning that happens once the flesh is exposed to air. conjointly if you wish them to ripen quicker, place them on high of your icebox in an exceedingly carrier bag.


  1. Hot sauce


I didn’t apprehend this however you’ll keep it within the larder for up to a few years!


  1. Coffee


The icebox (and the freezer) produce condensation that has an effect on the flavor of each ground occasional and occasional beans. It’ll conjointly absorb odors within the icebox. My momma uses settlings rather than sodium hydrogen carbonate for its odor-absorbing powers. Keep occasional in Associate in Nursing airtight instrumentality within the larder.


  1. Onions


Avoid direct daylight. Keep them in an exceedingly cool, dry place however NOT next to your potatoes. once keep along, each deteriorates quicker. wet in your icebox can flip onions soft and moldy–yuck.


  1. Potatoes


Putting them within the icebox affects the flavor and texture (they become gritty) Store within the larder in paper luggage (plastic luggage lure wet and speed decay). Most varieties ought to last 3 weeks however not next to the onions (See #5).


  1. Bread


Did you recognize refrigeration can dry your bread out quicker? It’ll conjointly build it robust and fewer tasty. Unless it’s sliced bread you intend on victimization within the next few days, keep it within the fridge or the counter.


  1. Tomatoes


Tomatoes lose all their flavor within the icebox as a result of the cold stops the ripening method. It conjointly messes with the feel and them granulose and mushy.


  1. Melons


You really shouldn’t store any whole melon fruit within the icebox. Once it’s cut although, that’s another story. There’s analysis that shows cold whole melons decreases the antioxidants – that’s the great stuff you wish.


  1. Garlic


Store them in an exceedingly cool, dry and ventilated instrumentality to preserve their powerful flavor. Once the pinnacle has been broken open, use the cloves at intervals ten days.


  1. Oils


Nut oils (like hazelnut oil or peanut oil) should be cold, except for alternative varieties of oil to keep them within the larder. They become cloudy and harden once cold. whereas this doesn’t do lasting harm, it’s a pain to attend for the oil to heat up before it flows properly once more.

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