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The island nation of Bahrain within the Arabian Gulf is most celebrated for Gulf Oil and Formula one sport. nonetheless, the country was once the center of the worldwide pearling trade and Bahrainis are diving for pearls for thousands of years right up till the 1930s. Then the invention of oil and also the arrival of the ‘Cultured Pearl’ from Japan combined to consign this distinctive tradition to a bygone time.

For associate insight into this heritage look at displays of vintage sepia pictures at the Bahrain National deposit. it’s a perfect place to begin to find out concerning Bahrain’s cultural heritage of diving for pearls, the look of the timber Dhows, the fundamental dive instrumentality used and,  the lads UN agency crewed the boats for months at a time. The few coarse-grained pictures show each muscular sinew visible across the diver’s body part, created from life below the waves, and supported a diet of fish, dates, and rice.


No doubt the chill of pleasure created once diving into {the warm|the nice associated cozy} waters of the Gulf and ultimately gap a shell in pursuit of this most desired and lustrous gem, could be a feeling that cannot have modified across millennia.


Pearl Diving forms a key a part of the Island Kingdom’s cultural identity, and a method for guests to turn over into Bahrain’s heritage, each off-shore and on the ‘Pearling trail’; the gathering of websites, within the former capital ‘Muharraq’, was inscribed on the United Nations agency world heritage list in 2012. The slim alleyways of white-washed facades, and heavy-set incised picket doors, function a portal linking this made heritage with a brand new cultural future.

The majestic ‘Dhow’ boats, would have left the outline to some fanfare, with the crew’s singing Bahraini folkloric songs crystal rectifier by the chants of the ‘Nahkam’, following the regular beat of the drum, the associate instrument still rife within the music of Bahrain to the current day.


Nothing will compare tho’ to doing it. Standing aboard a tiny low motored yacht, squeezed into dive suits, encircled by all the fashionable gear of seafaring, able to head move into the search of ‘Pearls’ was, of course, a way off the experiences of the initial Bahraini Pearl diverse.


We embarked on from Bahrain Yacht Club’s dock, following a particular bowed channel to avoid the reefs and shallow water, to a neighborhood south of the Amwaj Islands. a robust breeze created a vigorous surf, that crashed into the hull of the boat throwing up salty spray.


The name ‘Bahrain’ derives from 2 Arabic words – than Bahr – that means 2 seas that refer to the existence of water springs set beneath the ocean bed. This development is believed to be liable for the bizarre luster of Bahraini pearls.


After a 15-minute journey, covering 8km, our pearl diving guide, Ahmed El Helaly motioned for the boat engines to be placed in neutral, as he peered into the water, before indicating we tend to be at the situation.


The anchor was born, engines switched-off and also the covering of the water against the hull was the sole sounding sound. In former times, Ahmed would are referred to as the ‘Nokhatha’ or captain, UN agency attained his position by his experience at finding the simplest pearling banks, known as ‘Hay’.


With the winds picking-up, our Captain quickly places his flippers, tank, mask and weight band on. He slipped a yellow net-bag beneath his belt before arched back and falling into the water. As we tend to wait for the diver to resurface, thoughts came back to the national deposit, showcasing the initial instrumentality employed by his predecessors.


Dive suits would are replaced with a cotton sarong-style artifact, the mask with a ‘Fetatn’ nose clip, gloves with ‘Khabat’ finger mounts, to safeguard against sharp coral so stones were tied to the waist. Finally, the ‘Dayyeen’, an internet basket, arrange from the neck would have signed the diver was ready and prepared to travel.

With our flip close, we tend all ready masks, snorkels, and weight belts. Gingerly, we have a tendency to entered the water, the Nokhatha currently became our dive guide, leading North American nation to the seabed; in former times the diver was referred to as the ‘Gais’, however, his life trusted the ‘Saib’ his rope-tender, UN agency was liable for propulsion the diver to the surface at the correct moment and quickly enough to forestall drowning. The Gais would dive around eight times in quarter-hour, in depths of 9-12m, from dawn till fall.


With visibility regarding zero and once simply 2 tries, it had been set to go away the Nokhatha and his device to gather the bulk of the mollusks.


The robust current contend a game of tug-of-war with our limbs, however once back on-board we have a tendency to derived the situation of Ahmed from the bubbles piercing the surface at regular intervals; once twenty minutes below the surface he came back to the boat, with an internet packed with Oysters; “this is wherever the toil extremely starts” he expressed, gushing many kilos of shells onto the deck, before handing every people our oyster-opening knife.

“Find the softer, muscular fringe of the Oyster, wiggle the knife till it enters the shell so begin to prise it open” Ahmed explained, simply flicking shell once shell open, as we have a tendency to weekday around his haul. the method took your time, however step by step the cluster were within the swing of it. “Make positive you search the shell with knife and fingers, the animal tissue within, will hide the smaller pearls” he continued .


After 40-minutes of prising and looking out, nobody had found that unreal pearl, however, we tend to have a minimum of following within the footsteps of the Ghawwas (divers). Before returning to our building, we tend to continue to retrace Bahrain’s celebrated pearling path on Muharraq Island. It encompasses seventeen listed buildings, as well as a fort, residences of rich merchants, shops, storehouses and a place of worship.


The with competence named ‘Merchant House’, the new Campbell-Gray dress shop building, was our zero in town. The caretaker had organized our dive trip, however as they’d intimated our greatest probability of finding pearls, was moments removed from the building among the ‘Manama Souk’s’ warren of alleyways. except for the North American nation it had been concerning the journey and our chance to dive into a singular Bahraini legacy!

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